COBRA Dental Insurance

Understand if you are eligible to keep dental insurance coverage with COBRA

COBRA Dental Insurance

Did you have dental insurance on your employer’s health insurance plan? Curious if you can continue to keep that dental coverage with COBRA? This is a very important question for anyone who has recently quit, retired from, or lost their job and thinking about COBRA insurance. Dental care can be extremely expensive in many cases, especially for those people with serious dental needs or preexisting dental conditions. The simple answer for most people to this question is yes – if you had dental insurance with your previous employer and qualify under federal COBRA insurance laws, then you can elect to continue your insurance using COBRA dental insurance. With that said, depending on the type of dental plan your insurer had, the process to keep dental insurance with COBRA can be different.

Your Dental Insurance Was Part of Your Health Insurance Plan

When your dental insurance is a part of your health insurance plan, meaning it is an all inclusive plan and the dental insurance comes from the same provider, then keeping coverage with COBRA dental insurance is easy. When you choose to continue your group health insurance plan with COBRA, you are automatically electing to continue your dental coverage since it is part of the larger plan. The downside to this type of COBRA dental insurance is that you can drop the dental coverage to save money. Electing COBRA insurance for this type of plan means choosing to keep everything included in the plan.

Your Dental Insurance Was It’s Own Individual Plan

If your dental insurance was it’s own stand alone plan, you also can keep coverage with COBRA dental insurance. The only difference is that you will need to complete a separate COBRA election form for the COBRA dental insurance since it is offered through a different company. All the same rules and eligibility requirements apply. You will be responsible for paying the entire premium for COBRA dental insurance, just like with COBRA health insurance. One benefit with COBRA of a stand alone dental plan is that if you are trying to save money, you can choose to not get COBRA dental insurance and still keep your health insurance.

Is COBRA Dental Insurance Too Expensive?

Would you like COBRA dental insurance but it is just too expensive? Many people find themselves in this situation especially after employment loss. However, there are many affordable dental insurance plans on the market today, some starting as low as $8.95 monthly. Get a free quote for dental insurance below to figure out what plans are on the market and if they fit in with your budget and family dental needs.

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